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23 mistress seeking slave

Discussion in 'Dirty Kik' started by Emogalx44, Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. Emogalx44

    Emogalx44 New Member

    I want a guy who is submissive, that doesn't expect pics or anything in return out of me, (I DO NOT SEND ANYTHING) i am extremely selfish, rude and demanding, i see men as tools, i don't care about them as people, and don't like them, i just want to use you, i really don't wanna deal with any extra bullshit, i just want you to give me what i tell you to send, money, pics, videos, all of it, as far as sending money i only except amazon gift cards by email, my email will be at the bottom along with my kik, anything other than an amazon gift card sent to my email will be deleted immediately, i have no Tolerance, i am a bitch to everyone, often ignore them regardless of what they send me on kik, so don't get your hopes up, if you call me out on it ill most likely just block you, because i have a temper and get pissed off, don't piss me off or try to, it's not difficult, i have a lot of fetish/kinks, most of them are really weird in my opinion, but i don't care, the most important thing i'm into is guys who try to get woman pregnant, impregnation, i'm into seeing guys having sex, with girls, it turns me on, and i myself cannot conceive, so if you're a couple, or have a girl, send me videos, and make sure to let me know when it happend, i love all the little details to,i would like to see everything from conception to birth, nothing involving the child itself, if you are going to make a video, do a hidden cam video, you have permission to send longer videos to my email, make sure you let me know what it is in the email. Other things i'm into involve seeing guys being more masculine, showing power, etc, i enjoy workout videos, if you plan on making videos for me i always prefer it if you set the phone down so i can see all of you, and if you currently shave, your face or body, you would have to stop for me, i don't like guys who shave i never have, i also like guys who act arrogant, and full of themselves while taking pictures and videos for me, but i don't tolerate being talked down to, or being ignored, you will listen to me, or you won't be talking to me, keep in mind this most likely won't be any fun for you, i'm not your normal, dominant female, and expect a lot of attention, ether that or i will ignore you, one or the other but will still expect you to keep sending me pics, and videos, even after i'm done talking to you.
    My email is [email protected]
    My kik is emogalx55


    or View my Kik Nudes Here .


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