Sexting on kik Sexting on kik
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My Snapchat is GaleshaLZD92

Discussion in 'Snapchat Usernames' started by Galesha L Zahari, Oct 29, 2017.

Sexting on kik
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  1. Galesha L Zahari

    Galesha L Zahari Well-Known Member

    I am from Venezuela, but i live in Florida, Miami since 2.001. I am 23 year old, i like music, dance, drink a good coffe with my friends on the best restaurant of the city. I hope to meet with people unforgateble...

    add me on snapchat

    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2017
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  3. harryx99

    harryx99 New Member

    Hola Galesha hehe . my spanish is not good as you know . But just here to say hi and thank you for the jokes the pokes and all the fun i have with you on snapchat . thanks baby.
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  5. Jhon Louis

    Jhon Louis Guest

    Thanks for the photos on snapchat... I liked talking to you, I would like to know if you will upload any video in the shower.
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  7. rayraymond

    rayraymond Guest

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  9. xmartinx

    xmartinx Guest

    Hands down One of the few Real one out there . cute ass
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  11. Ernest Clain

    Ernest Clain Guest

    Great tits, I liked your photos in snapchat very sexy and hot, I want to meet you in person. I'm also following you on facebook.....:p;)

    Thanks Galeshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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  13. Rompe Culo

    Rompe Culo Guest

    Corazon eres lo mas bello of this world mami.

    thankz 4 tha snaps you fine as hell .

    your voice the way you say my name . Oh Madre mia !! you drove me nuts . thanks again .
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  15. Your pussy is realy delicious. I liked much see pic when it´s wet.

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  17. JhonQQ

    JhonQQ Guest

    Marry me galesha, i want that you feel all this large gun that i have only for you.[​IMG]
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  19. Milford76

    Milford76 New Member

    Mama mama mia . thank you thank you thank you . ;)
    All the men in here this obviously not for you [​IMG]
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  21. Eva Canares

    Eva Canares Guest

    I consider myself sexy .

    add me guys tell me what you think .

    snap me @evacanares3
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  23. Galesha L Zahari

    Galesha L Zahari Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your comments guys. Always i read your posts, and I´ll comment when can do it. I was very bussy last weeks with my class English&maths.

    Regards kisses....

    Sabrina 96 likes this.
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  25. Helbert Ga Large

    Helbert Ga Large New Member

    Galesha, You are an special girls, beautiful, pretty. I want to meet you person to person when and where you want, you are interesting woman.
    Sabrina 96 likes this.
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  27. hornysextinggirl

    hornysextinggirl New Member

    Guys, add me on snapchat sexting , the adult version of snap. I am 22 yo girl from New York City

    Only adult pics and videos . I heard they only take +21 years old members !
    Sabrina 96 likes this.
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  29. Sabrina 96

    Sabrina 96 Kik sexting |

    Approved !!
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  31. Bradley79

    Bradley79 New Member

    Galesha sweety . your the best in my top 3

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Sexting on kik
Sexting on kik Sexting on kik Sexting on kik Sexting on kik